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UV Light


UV-B Trial Results

For this video series I set up a couple UV-B demonstration grows using lemon basil, Italian basil, dwarf tomatoes and lavender. This was my first time using UV-B fixtures and I definitely made some 'UV-Beginners' mistakes. Plants are very sensitive to UV-B and it is easy to over do it. I over did it.  The results of the terpene analyses below are probably not a good reflection of the potential of UV-B. I struggled to find a lab that performed terpene analyses on vegetables but I was very appreciative that Infinite Chemical Analysis Labs agreed to help. The lab is setup to test dried plant matter but they agreed to test my freshly harvested leaves from basil, lavender and tomatoes. If I could repeat this trial I would shorten the duration of UV-B light exposure and I'd dry the plant samples before sending them out for testing. Infinite Chemical Analysis Labs provided me individual profile pages for each sample (see images below).

Lemon basil

Left: LEDS No UV-B. Right: LEDS With UV-B

Left: LEDS NO UV-B. Middle: Greenhouse With Some Natural UV-B. Right: LEDs WITH UV-B




LEFT: LEDS No UV-B. Right: LEDS With UV-B.