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Plants & Light

Plants & Light

Plants & Light is a series that covers everything a grower needs to know about light. The series covers all the fundamentals then goes beyond the fundamentals to explain the latest university research on horticultural lighting. Then the most important part, how can growers practically apply horticultural lighting research in their gardens, greenhouses, and warehouses.

The information in this video series is great for growers of all skill levels. Some of the topics in these videos require some base level information before I can discuss the advanced applications, so if you are an advanced growers and some of the information may be a review of concepts you are already familiar with but please hang in there because there are some valuable gems of information in this series. I gathered information for this series for nearly a year by visiting universities and interviewing professors that research horticultural lighting. I then set up a variety of trial gardens designed to demonstrate horticultural lighting concepts. These gardens were maintained for more than 6 months in a Texas greenhouse so we could collect footage of garden fresh science from seed to harvest!

Feel free to jump between episodes but it may be helpful to start with Episode 1 - The Three Fundamentals of Horticultural Lighting.

1: The Three Fundamentals of Horticultural Lighting

2: Photoperiod

5: Green Light

8: InfrareD Radiation


6: Red Light

9: Light Intensity

4: Blue Light

7: Far Red Light

10: How To Pick A Grow Light